engineering plastics business is operated by our subsidiary, zhejiang mingri heshun new material technology co., ltd.

mingri heshun was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 21 million yuan, main business as the distribution of specialty materials such as engineering plastics, specialty engineering plastics, specialty elastomers, additives, and high-performance polymers.

  • time of establishment: 2005
  • registered address: hangzhou, china
  • trading volume: 50,000 tons
  • operating revenue: rmb 1 billion
  • registered capital: rmb 21 million
  • total assets:rmb 180 million

at present, heshun has become the authorized distributors in china for exxonmobil chemical santoprene tm/ exxelortm/ exacttm/ exxprotm, invista pa66, lg chemical pc / engineering plastics / carbon nanotubes / tpee, saudi aramco pa6 / pmma, samyang pc / tpee, japan dic pps / black masterbatch, kuraray pa9t / lcp, wanhua chemical pc, zhejiang petrochemical pc, zhonglan guosu pc, british galai organic black masterbatch, chenggao pet, sanfangxiang pet and other products .

mingri heshun fully uses its resources and professionalism to reach information symmetry for domestic and foreign customers.

  • chairman of the board: li qiang
  • general manager: mao bo
  • telephone: 86-0571-87661652, 87661653
  • fax: 0571-87661740